Missing you, Babu ji

It has been two long years when you left us all on 24th December, 2020. Not a day has since gone, when we didn’t miss you…….many a times, I feel that you are there with me, calling me……I see around, but how could I find you!

The last conversation that we had and that I keep closest to my heart as an eternal blessing to me is that love-filled smile on your face, when you saw me on the video call on the day before you were taken to the hospital in Patna.

After you departed, my maaji also left us all to accompany you there……within a very short time of about 17 months, after a long battle for life in the hospital. Perhaps she wanted to reunite with you there in the heaven early. On that fateful day in May this year, when maaji left us all, when I could see her lying in the ICU bed, she was not able to even speak, when I was holding her hand, I could feel the unconditional love and unlimited blessings to me in her eyes and when her hand gently press mine. That love and blessings are now fuel for my life, this keeps me going ahead with a definite feeling that somehow, hands of my babuji and maaji are still there on my head. You blessings keep giving me strength to move ahead!

Pranam Babuji and Maaji

Missing you,

Aapka beta 🙏🙏🙏

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